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What we do

BubbaSkin® creates scientifically researched Swiss Supplement Skincare™ products that make a clinically proven difference to the appearance of the skin so that women can enjoy great results, without worrying about any potential harm to their babies.

How we do it

We combine the best cutting-edge technology with insights and experience from a team of chemists and pediatricians to provide superior scientific-based skincare for women before, during and after pregnancy.

The BubbaSkin® formulations are based on the need many women have during pregnancy to replenish the essential skin nutrients and hydration lost through hormonal and lifestyle changes and environmental factors.

Every day our skin loses important vitamins and to help replenish these nutrients we have developed topical applications with essential supplements.

VITAMIN COMPLEX (B1, B3, B5, B7, B9, B12) – Designed to encourage cell regeneration, this unique complex contains a natural antioxidant that helps deter peroxidation of fatty acids within the cell membranes, which can lead to tissue damage. The combination is formulated to help protect the cell structures from free radical damage and provide moisturization.

MULTI MOIST CLR® – helps increase production and activation of the vitamin D receptor, potentiates the effect of vitamin D and promotes epidermal differentiation, an essential feature in obtaining well-moisturized skin. Rich in iridoid glycosides and flavonoids, traditionally used for their anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

Hydrolite® 5 green – combines the moisturizing ingredients of a hydrator with the antimicrobial properties of a preservative. Represents the next generation of sustainable pentylene glycol. With 100% bio-based carbon and COSMOS approval, this ingredient is made by a patented process from bagasse, a by-product from sugarcane, which is ethically and responsibly sourced. Hydrolite® 5 Green is an ideal multifunctional ingredient that will boost the performance of active ingredients, moisturize the skin, improve the sensorial profile of formulas and natural improve product preservation.

RODACEA EXTRACT OF MICROALGAE – The algae grows in a photo-bioreactor with nutrient enriched seawater. Rhodella Violacea was first isolated on the Island of Sylt (Germany) also called “The Queen of the North Sea”. From this exceptional environment, it has retained all the regenerative, oxygenating and rejuvenating properties.

PRO-RENEW COMPLEX – Based on probiotic technology, the complex positively influences epidermal growth. Obtained from Lactococcus lactis, which is fermented under special conditions of catabolic repression. The formula is designed to act on the essential features in the aging process of the skin, its ability to adapt to a constantly changing environment and to effectively renew itself.

ECTOIN® – is a powerful, multifunctional active ingredient with outstanding, clinically proven efficacy. The 100% natural single molecule provides excellent anti-aging and cell-protection benefits. Ectoin® natural repairs and improves damaged, aged or stressed and irritated skin, promotes skin barrier repair and long-term hydration. It shows comprehensive anti-pollution efficacy and blue light protection and supports a healthy skin microbiome – for a scientific approach in efficient anti-aging and skin protection concepts. Suitable for all skin types including sensitive, allergic and baby skin. Ectoin® natural is 100% pure and manufactured with sustainable, non-GMO based biotechnology at the bitop plant in Germany. EcoCert, Cosmos, Natrue certified.

Ingredient Validation and Testing

Throughout the development stage, our expert team places great importance on using effective yet gentle ingredients. In this way we ensure that our formulations are suitable for all skin types and comply with our exacting standards.

Clinical and dermatological testing guarantees the safety of our products which are all manufactured to GMP standards in Switzerland where quality and purity is a given. Every completed formulation is clinically tested for compatibility, stability and any skin-irritant effects under dermatologist supervision.

Skin Care

Evaluation of substances and products

To assess each formulation we use the ingredient database of Cosmetic Analysis, based on the INCI list of the EU. It’s a dynamic resource, which is constantly being expanded by their research team to include new substances. The Cosmetic Analysis database currently contains 9,686 evaluated cosmetic ingredients.

The team researches the ingredients in over 100 specialist publications for further properties. Findings are quoted with indication of the source with the respective ingredients. Currently, 12,050 citations can be found. The resulting properties are added and evaluated separately to the functions described by the EU. Currently Cosmetic Analysis shows 34,501 evaluated substance properties.

The evaluated properties of a substance result in an overall evaluation of the cosmetic substance by complex calculations. This verified approach allows for a check and balance on our product innovation to ensure we only use the safest and most proven ingredients.

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