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“Gentle skin care with pleasant textures that leaves skin hydrated. Great products for everyday use, for sensitive skin and for every mom to be.”

Dr. Tatyna Groysman D.O. F.A.A.D. New York, USA

“Supplement skincare is an innovative way to deliver useful vitamins and minerals to mothers before, during and after pregnancy.”

Albena Gagova OBGYN Sofia, Bulgaria

“BubbaSkin offers a full collection of clinically proven skincare products for use before, during and after pregnancy. Pleasant to use and trusted.”

Dr. Mario Peichev MD New York, USA

“I would absolutely recommend Bubbaskin for my patients.”

Dr Madira Mehra MD Virginia, USA

“Women before & after pregnancy are always looking for the safest skin products. I was absolutely satisfied to recommend Bubbaskin for my patients."

Valentina Sterlin FNP, BC OCN New York, USA

“BubbaSkin’s Swiss Supplement Formulas and underlying technologies have earned the trust of physicians.”

Dr. Nadia Persheff MD New York, USA

“It’s so important to avoid anything harmful that might be passed onto your baby. I trust the BubbaSkin line as safe products for nursing mothers.”

Sarah Schulze Pediatric NP Illinois, USA

“Although BubbaSkin is designed with safe and natural ingredients for pregnant women, these high-quality products are certain to be appealing to all.”

William Samson MD, FACS New York, USA

“BubbaSkin is a high efficacy line containing active natural ingredients combined with supplements. An innovative way to deliver useful vitamins and minerals to a mother”

Dr. Rumen Velev MD Sofia, Bulgaria

“If you’re looking for a natural product that’s safe and effective, try BubbaSkin. Dermatology tested for use before, during and after pregnancy”.

Eliana Ferreira, MS, ANP-BC New York, USA

“I have tested BubbaSkin and happily recommend this brand to my patients.”

Dr Susana De Los Santos Monterrey, Mexico

"Many face creams have ingredients that can be harmful during pregnancy and to a newborn. Bubbaskin uses ingredients that are safe and effective.”

Dr. Suzanne Fenske, MD, FACOG New York, USA

“BubbaSkin is an excellent choice for those seeking naturally rejuvinated skin”

Dean B. Kostov MD Virginia, USA

“I’m an advocate for BubbaSkin’s mission to provide safe skin care products for mother’s to be".

Dr Katie Kinaschuk Edmonton, Canada

“This is an innovative product with useful vitamins and minerals for mothers to use during pregnancy.”

Dr Ana H Chacon MD Florida, USA

“I’m often asked which skin care products to use when pregnant, I recommend BubbaSkin.”

Havy Ngo Pharm. D Pennsylvania, USA

“BubbaSkin is an excellent choice for those seeking to naturally rejuvinate their skin after giving birth.”

Dr Hasna Kharmouche MD Berlin, Germany

“I recommend BubbaSkin. The products are clinically proven for women before, during and post pregnancy.”

Dr. Maiquel Carrasco MD New York, USA

“The science & technology behind BubbaSkin is robust. I recommend the brand to women looking for natural skincare, that’s safe for them and their future babies.”

Tsvetomila Dudevska MD, PhD Troyan,Bulgaria

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