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Easy-To-Digest Foods Your Baby Will Love

There’s no doubt that with motherhood, worry simply comes with the territory. From worrying about air pollution—and its harmful effects it could impose on your child—to whether or not your baby is getting enough milk during feedings to, well, a million other things, there’s no sense in worrying about the factors that are easily avoidable. As much as we’d love to solve the world’s pollution problem, there are other ways to ease your mama worry. Case in point: Tummy aches.


While tummy aches, acid reflux, and constipation are common among most babies in their first few months of life, there are some fool-proof foods that can help with digestion and assist with the absorption of nutrients. Read all about them below.


Bananas are loaded with healthy carbohydrates and fiber which are both essential for a healthy digestive tract. Plus, they can balance gut flora, and protect your baby against germs and infection thanks to its natural antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.


As much as we love a solid avocado toast, avocado contains the highest amount of protein of any fruit (yes, it’s a fruit). It’s also super easy to mash up, and features lots of good-for-you nutrients like monounsaturated fats.


This cruciferous veggie is loaded with nutrients like calcium, folate, and antioxidants—boosting gut bacteria, building stronger immune systems, and decreasing inflammation.

Sweet Potato

Beta carotene, vitamin C, vitamin A, potassium, and fiber are all featured in this orange veggie. Plus, most babies will love it because of its naturally sweet taste.

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