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Interview Grazia

Where do I find you now? After the US we moved to Singapore, then to Italy just outside Rome, and now Cyprus. Why did you choose New York? For as long as I can remember I had a dream of working on Wall Street. So I decided to do my degree there and hoped that

Easy-To-Digest Foods Your Baby Will Love

There’s no doubt that with motherhood, worry simply comes with the territory. From worrying about air pollution—and its harmful effects it could impose on your child—to whether or not your baby is getting enough milk during feedings to, well, a million other things, there’s no sense in worrying about the factors that are easily avoidable.

The Bulgarian Wellness Entrepreneur

Born on the outskirts of Sofia and a mother of two children, Marinela Stanislavova started her career in finance working in New York, before switching direction to develop a wellness business.   When did Marinela decide to change career? While she was living in Singapore, she discovered that both of her two baby boys suffered

6 House Plants That Naturally Clean Your Air

Naturally Clean Your Air & Give Your House A Much-Needed Upgrade Pollution comes in two equally unappetizing “flavors”: outdoor and indoor. The former, is all the nastiness that comes off of everything from vehicles and airplanes (that exhaust is no joke) to industrial gas emissions, and is the reason why we invented our BubbaAir. The

Managing COVID19 in pregnancy

There are few things in life more thrilling than watching those two lines appear on your home pregnancy test. Getting pregnant is exciting for most women but also serves as a reminder of the sudden increase in responsibilities. In times of a pandemic, the journey of getting pregnant and giving birth changes. With the coronavirus

Testing During Pregnancy and Why It’s So Important

A couple of decades ago when prenatal testing facilities were sparse and almost non-existent, birth was a mysterious process that could come as a surprise at any moment. Although human population continued to grow, many lives could have been saved or made better had prenatal care existed back then. Today, prenatal care has a massive

How to reduce the risk of Gestational diabetes during pregnancy

Getting pregnant is a memorable milestone for every parent. The prospect of giving birth to junior versions of yourself is a beautiful one and while the entire parenthood journey seems exciting, the pregnancy itself may not always go as planned. No matter how cautious you are, how regular you are with your prenatal checkups, there’s

Breast Cancer in Pregnancy

Motherhood is an exciting new chapter for many women. The anticipation of giving birth to an entire human being that belongs to you is a feeling that may be hard to put down in words. However, for some women, pregnancy may not always be picture-perfect. Although uncommon, breast cancer is one such disease that can

How To Detox Your Body Before Pregnancy

Planning a pregnancy may sound easy on paper but it comes with a heavy responsibility that is seldom acknowledged. Pregnancy takes a toll on your physical and mental health in a number of ways which is exactly why it’s so important to prepare your body for it. One way to do this is by making

The Woman Who Went From a Career in Finance to Fighting for Better Health in Babies

Marinela Stanislavova was born in Pernik, studied at the Economic High School in the city because from an early age she realized that she wanted to pursue a career in finance. After watching the famous movie, Wall Street, she became determined to one day work in the New York Stock Exchange. Years of hard study

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